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 Uploading music For Members to download

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PostSubject: Uploading music For Members to download   Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:49 pm

If you would like to add a file to the forum for other members to
download you will first need a file host, To make things easyer for
you, we have added a file box to the forum so you can upload files
quick and easy without the need to sign up with a file host. The
Megaupload filebox is desplayed everytime you choose to post a new
thread or reply to a thread, Simply select a file from you computer
then give the file a discripton then click the upload button, Once the
file upload is complete, the filebox will desplay the download link for
that file, all you need to do then is copy and paste the link into your
Alternativly you can sign up with a file host, Click the link below.

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Uploading music For Members to download
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